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About Liman

Meaning "seaport" in Turkish, Liman Restaurant is a taste of one of the beautiful coastal towns of the Mediterranean and is inspired by a culture where meals are full of rich flavours surrounded by family and friends.

Yusuf Basusta, owner, founded Liman in 1999, after nearly 20 years of restaurant industry experience in countries abroad, on cruise ships, and in the United States. At Liman, Yusuf is known not only for his excellent food but for his personal relations and friendly style – he knows the majority of his guests by name.

Inspired by restaurants from the Bosphorus Strait, Liman offers an exclusive waterfront fine dining experience to enjoy your speciality Turkish-style Mediterranean fish with family and friends.

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Liman Restaurant Owner Yusuf Basusta

Liman Restaurant's founder and owner, Yusuf Basusta, is pictured speaking with guests enjoying an early dinner.

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