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Gift Card Terms and Usage and Policy

Thank you for choosing to purchase a Liman Restaurant Gift Card, provided by Liman Restaurant Incorporated, located at 2710 Emmons Avenue, Brooklyn, NY, 11235, United States. Protect and treat this card like cash. Liman Restaurant Inc. is not responsible for lost or stolen cards.

        Purchasing or use of this card constitutes acceptance of Liman Restaurant Inc. card terms & conditions, including binding arbitration and your waiver of rights to participate in a class action against Liman Restaurant Inc. Our gift card terms can be found at or on premise as a printed version at Liman Restaurant’s location. Please read these terms carefully.

Terms of Use Terminology

“Gift Card” or “Card”: The gift card that is issued by Liman Restaurant Inc. to purchaser

“Liman Restaurant,” “we,” “us,” or “our”: The gift card issuer (Liman Restaurant Inc.)

“You,” “your,” “user,” or “customer”: The person who purchased or is attempting to use presented card.

Terms of Card Suitability, Eligibility, and Card Usage

  1. This gift card is issued by Liman Restaurant Inc. and is redeemable only at Liman Restaurant which is located at 2710 Emmons Avenue, Brooklyn, NY, 11235, United States.

  2. Except as required by law, this gift card is not eligible for redemption or exchange to cash, check, or credit.

  3. A Liman Restaurant gift card is not a credit card or a debit card.

  4. Liman Restaurant gift cards may be used multiple times until all funds are depleted.

  5. Liman Restaurant gift cards must be presented at Liman Restaurant’s location, on premise, to be redeemed.

  6. Any damaged card can only be replaced on premise if our system indicates and confirms that there is still a redeemable amount available. Customer or user must provide proof of purchase receipt or documentation when replacement is requested.

  7. If a user or customer requests a replacement for a lost or stolen card, Liman Restaurant Inc. and management holds the right to accept or refuse to replace gift cards. If our management agrees to replace the card, the purchaser must submit all proof of purchase documentation. If replacement is accepted, we will locate the card information in our system and only replace the balance left under that claimed lost card. (Restrictions and administrative fees may apply.)

  8. Liman Restaurant gift cards are not eligible for a refund. All sales are final.

  9. If a customer or user does not have an access to internet or our website to review our terms and conditions, they can call and request the terms & conditions to be sent by mail or request a hard copy to be given in person. (Restrictions and administrative fees may apply).

  10. Liman Restaurant gift cards do not expire, as mandated by New York State law.

  11. Customers must beware when buying re-sold gift cards online or buying from different sources other than Liman Restaurant Inc. The FTC advises to avoid buying gift cards from online auction sites because cards may be counterfeit or may have been obtained fraudulently.

  12. Liman Restaurant Inc. card terms and conditions are subject to change without notice.


For any questions or additional customer service, please contact us at 718-769-3322 between our business hours or email us at

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